AAK AarhusKarlshamn uses Aura Sodinette Long Life


AAK AArhusKarlshamn in Sweden is a faithful user of Aura Long Life and have tried many of the products before. When they heard about the High Pressure Sodium Lamp, Aura Sodinette Long Life, they found that it was worth trying.



AKK, AarhusKarlshamn, produces special vegetable fat for usage in grocery stores, chocolate and cosmetics. In their 100 meter long warehouse, the ceiling is 14 meters high to allow the trucks and the other vehicles to drive around without any problems. In this intense environment it is nearly impossible for the electricians to reach the light sources.

AAK is a faithful user of Aura Long Life

Aura Long Life is not new to AAK. But when Aura Light introduced a high pressure sodium lamp in Long Life version it was much appreciated by AAK. Christer Mattsson from AAK tells us.

„We have tried Aura Light Long Life before; after all they are pioneers when it comes to Long Life! When I heard about the high pressure sodium lamp in Long Life-version I found that it was worth trying – especially since they promise a guarantee that is unsurpassed on the market.“

Christer tells us that they had already bought other light sources but changed those to Aura high pressure sodium.

„I realised that Aura Light’s light source are better. I also think that it is inspiring to be the first company in the world installing this product – and the financial department at the company likes cleaver purchases.“

Everything from one supplier

„Aura Light had what we asked for, which is a basic condition when you are about to chose your supplier. It is very useful for us to have the possibility to buy everything from Aura Light and get everything on the same invoice.“