Borås Elnät see many benefits with Aura Sodinette Long Life


With Aura Sodinette Long Life Borås Elnät can achieve a lifetime that is three times longer than a standard sodium lamp. „It is easy to calculate the benefit of such an investment“.



Borås Elnät is the local electricity distributor in Borås, Sweden. They maintain the lighting network for the municipality within the area.

Aura Sodinette Long Life because of the long lifetime

It was when Ingemar Carlsson, Works Manager at Borås Elnät, had a visit from Aura Light around two years ago that a change to Aura Sodinette Long Life became interesting. Ingemar explains:

„Changing to Aura Long Life involved a savings of around SEK 500,000 because Aura Sodinette Long Life has a service life of 48,000 hours, in other words three times as long as a standard sodium lamp. It was difficult to argue against the change, as it is easy to calculate the benefits of such an investment. In addition to cost savings and reduced environmental impact, the change meant less disruption to traffic when changing lights. Previously, general lamp changes were made every four years. With Aura Long Life, the next change will not take place during my time here – I’ll probably have retired by then.“

Aura Light as supplier because of good arguments

„I had known about Aura Light for a while, as I had came across Aura Light at fairs. When I had a visit by an Aura Light salesperson, who gave an excellent presentation with good arguments, the choice of supplier was simple. And obviously, it really is great to know that Aura Light is the “old Luma” – a stable, serious company that will remain on the market and is not a fly-by-night that may disappear after a while“, says Ingemar.