General Hospital for Aix Region uses Aura Eco Saver Long Life


The General Hospital for the Aix Region in France uses Eco Luminaire with T5 Eco Saver tubes Long Life. „We have chosen the lighting solution proposed by Aura Light so as to provide better visual comfort to our patients and to our medical staff.“



A stone’s throw from the city’s ring road, the Aix-en-Provence general hospital is able to trace its roots back to the early 16th century. It has a capacity of 762 beds. The patient has to be well looked after in any health establishment, of course, but equally he or she should be made to feel welcome and taken care of in the best possible way. This is why at Aix the patient’s well-being is considered to be extremely important.

The comfort of the patients and the health care staff

„We have chosen the lighting solution proposed by Aura so as to provide better visual comfort to our patients and to our medical staff. We believe that a well-lit place boosts patients‘ moods, contributes to the improvement of our establishment, and provides better visual comfort for everyone,“ explains Mr. Dominique Del Negro, head of the electrical engineering department.

Reduction in both energy costs and maintenance costs

The hospital has a lighting system consisting of 15,000 fluorescent lamps, in other words 3,750 T8 4×18 W luminaires. Mr Sacarabany undertook to modernise the system in order to achieve considerable budgetary savings whilst maintaining an equivalent level of lighting. Aura was involved in the replacement of 700 luminaires. The solution that was installed, consisting of 3×13 W T5 high-efficiency luminaires and Eco Saver Long Life compact fluorescent lamps, has meant that the hospital has reduced its consumption by 55%.

By the end of the programme, the hospital will be saving 37,000€ per year, or 805,657 kWh/year, as well as reducing CO2 emissions by 81 t/year.

Additionally, there are further savings to be made in view of the elimination of maintenance charges for a period of six years. The hospital is delighted to be reducing its electrical and maintenance costs whilst making a contribution to sustainable development.