Aura Light provides BALTIC with Long Life


 BALTIC, the biggest gallery of its kind in the world, in Gateshead, chose Aura Light Long Life chose because of the energy saving, high reliability and for their Long Life characteristics.



BALTIC is the biggest gallery of its kind in the world – presenting a dynamic, diverse and international program of contemporary visual art. The gallery is housed in a landmark industrial building on the south bank of the River Tyne in Gateshead.

Chose Aura Light products to save energy

BALTIC turned to Aura Light In order to save energy in the gallery. They chose Aura Light products because of their energy saving, high reliability and for their long life characteristics.

„By using Aura Eco Saver Long Life for our art spaces we will be able to save energy, reduce maintenance and increase the length of our bulk lamp changing program, says James Johnson Head of Building Services at BALTIC.

The access to the luminaries in the gallery is complex and time consuming however the Long Life characteristics of Aura lamps offers a fantastic solution to this logistical problem which in turn saves BALTIC time and resources.

„Aura Light has provided us with an energy and maintenance saving solution for the future“, says James Johnson.

Aura Light and BALTIC in partner program

Aura Light are now part of a partner program with BALTIC and the Aura Light logo is displayed at the front of the building which attracts approx. 400,000 visitors per year, and a link to the website from their website which receives over 1,000,000 individual visits per year.