Aura Sodinette Long Life on the Øresund Bridge


Aura Sodinette Long Life is used across the 8 km long bridge which connects Sweden with Denmark. By using Aura Long Life the Øresundsbro Konsortiet can achieve large cost savings. „The fact that this makes us environmentally friendly because we consume fewer lamps is another bonus”.



Øresundsbro Konsortiet is a Danish-Swedish company that owns and runs the Øresund Bridge which connects Malmö and Copenhagen. Øresundsbro Konsortiet have strict environmental requirements.

Aura Sodinette Long Life across the 8 km long bridge

Niclas Malmström, who is in charge of the electricity at Øresundsbro Konsortiet, explains. “We have been using Aura Light’s Long Life products in the tunnel linking the bridge to the Danish side for some time. I read about the Sodinette HPS lamp in an earlier edition of the Aura Light newsletter and I was interested straight away. The process was fairly quick, as we were already interested and because we have been happy with Aura Light’s products for a while. We are now using this lamp across the entire bridge, which is 8 km long.

Large cost savings with Aura Long Life

“First and foremost, we are saving money by not needing to use roadblocks as often in order to replace light sources. The number of man-hours needed to replace the light sources is obviously lower as well. We think it’s extremely important that the bridge is closed as little as possible as this has an impact on traffic. It costs SEK 300-350, including lifts and closures, to replace each light source. Aura Sodinette Long Life burns for 48,000 hours, compared to just 16,000 hours for standard light sources. So that means we save between SEK 900 and 1,050 on each light source. We have 350 light sources, which means a total saving of between SEK 315,000 and 368,000 during the lifetime of the lamps! The fact that this makes us environmentally friendly because we consume fewer lamps is another bonus!” Says Niclas Malmström.