Aura Long Life at the Pfanni plant in Germany


The Pfanni plant in Germany, which is a subsidiary of Unilever, uses Aura Long Life. An important factor in this decision was the positive past experience of the lamps exceptionally long lifetime and minimal failures.



The subsidiary of Unilever Deutschland GmbH is one of eight Unilever sites in Germany that focus on the food sector. Unilever is one of the world’s largest suppliers of brand-name products in the fields of food, body care, perfumes, cosmetics and detergents. The company is represented by independent subsidiaries and firms in 90 countries throughout the world, accounting for more than 245,000 employees. One of these subsidiaries is the potato processing plant in Stavenhagen, where the well known Pfanni products are manufactured from raw potatoes. The number of staff employed at this plant runs to around 300.

Positive experience with Aura Long Life lamps

Due to the difficult maintenance conditions, it is precisely in the production areas that the quality of the lighting is very important. This is why at Stavenhagen and other Unilever sites, the decision was taken to implement lighting with Aura Long Life fluorescent lamps. An important factor in this decision was positive past experience of the exceptionally long lifetime of the lamps and minimal failures. This makes operating lighting systems with Aura Long Life fluorescent lamps in an environment like that at Pfanni particularly cost-effective.

Fewer demands on resources and logistics with Aura Long Life

As is the case with Unilever as a whole, the Pfanni plant is committed to group-wide environmental projects and initiatives, and one of these is the protection of the internal operating environment. Here the Aura Light lamps also have an important contribution to make – because of their long lifetime, fewer lamps are needed, which means that fewer demands are made on resources, logistics and disposal processes.