Coor Service Management uses Long Life in the Saab factory


Coor Service Management uses Aura Long Life at the Saab factory in Linköping, Sweden. „Experience tells us that this pays off for both us and our customers“.



At the Saab factory in Linköping, Sweden, around 5,000 people work and the Jas Gripen air fighter is in full production at the enormous production facility. The property operation of the production facility is managed by Coor Service Management, the Nordic Region’s leading actor in service management. Between 20,000 and 30,000 fluorescent lamps are used to illuminate the production facility.

Aura Long Life is an investment that pays off

The caretakers at Saab in Linköping were already using Aura Long Life fluorescent lamps before Coor Service Management took over. Leif Strömberg at Coor Service Management explains. „We have been using Aura Long Life in Saab’s industrial premises since 1995, and experience tells us that this pays off for both us and our customers. We conduct group replacements and above all use Aura Long Life where it is expensive to change lamps, such as in high ceilings where we need to rent and construct scaffolding or in production halls where we have many machines“.

Aura Strike Long Life eliminate flickering lamps

„We also use Aura Light’s electronic safety starters. We have them in Saab’s offices and it helps us reduce the reports of flickering lamps”, says Leif Strömberg.

Quality and environment makes Aura Light the preferred supplier

“Aura Light has the concept we have always been looking for: a tried and tested product, continuous product development, an organisation that gives us what we want and production that can meet our requirements for quality and the environment. This together with an acceptable market price means that we choose Aura Light as our supplier”, says Leif Stömberg.