Lignite power station in Lippendorf uses Aura Long Life


Lignite power station in Lippendorf, Germany, wanted a lighting solution that was both economic and of high quality, the choice fell on Aura Long Life.



In 2001 continuous operation was commenced of the lignite power station in Lippendorf, situated approximately 15 km south of Leipzig in Germany. The power station site extends over an area of 600×700 meters and at around 2.3 billion Euro it is the largest private construction venture to date in Germany’s Saxony region. The aim of the designer was to ensure optimum layout of all of the power station areas. Equally stringent requirements were made of the lighting.

Wanted: An economic solution

The power station wanted a solution that was both economic and of high quality, specifically for those areas that were difficult to access. In the heat station, for instance, the suspended fluorescent lamps can only be accessed using an extensive range of equipment.

The choice fell on Aura Long Life

In the power station lamp replacement is very time-consuming and cost-intensive. This why the power station operator decided on fitting luminaires with Aura Long Life fluorescent lamps in these areas. The operator is expecting to more than triple the replacement intervals of the fluorescent lamps, and this will lead to a clear reduction in the service cost and effort in terms of lamp replacement.