Falu Hospital have used Aura Light för 32 years


The hospital in Falun, Sweden have been a loyal client to Aura Light for 32 years. The hospital offers nearly 500 hospital beds distributed on 17 clinics with about 3000 employees. A big hospital with a big demand on good lighting.




Long lifetime

32 years ago when Falu hospital made the decision to install Aura Light’s Long Life lamps the long lifetime was one of the main benefits. They realised the advantage of saving the maintenance cost while being environmentally friendly.

„We chose Aura Light, or Lumalampan as it was called then, due to the long lifetime. The long lifetime was very important for us“, says Per Lingemyr who is a technician at Fastighetsteknik which is the company responsible for the lighting at county Dalarna.

Good quality

Falu hospital have used many of Aura Light’s products, for instance Aura T5 and Aura T8 fluorescents and Aura Unique Long Life. The demands Falu hospital has on the lighting is a good colour rendering and that it should be beneficial economically as the hospital needs much lighting. Per Lingemyr believes that the price will be lower as the lifetime is longer. On the question to why they have choosen Aura Light Per Lingemyr says:

„The products from Aura Light have a good quality and they keep their promises. The company is constantly developing, is its products. That’s why we have chosen to use Aura Light as our lighting supplier.“