Karolinska Hospital in Sweden is now a „Long Life-building“


Karolinska Hospital is a loyal user of Aura Long Life fluorescent lamps and is now also using Aura Light’s compact fluorescent lamps – Aura Unique Long Life.



Locum AB is owned by Stockholm County Council and is one of Sweden’s largest property managers in Stockholm County with a property portfolio of 2.1 million m² of premises. One of their tenants is Karolinska Hospital and Locum takes care of maintenance, including lighting.

Things always have to work

Mikael Olsson is an operations manager at Locum. He explains:

„A hospital is a facility that is constantly changing. It is rebuilt and moved around, and this often occurs during ongoing activities. A hospital must always function around the clock, year round. Safety in activities from A to Z. This makes great demands on operational activities and the contractors we work with. Locum has chosen to cooperate with Aura Light with regard to lighting and Karolinska Hospital therefore uses Aura Long Life light sources.“

Environmental initiative within Locum

„The long service life of Aura Light’s products enhances operational safety while lowering operating costs. In addition, Aura Light’s environmentally friendly products comply with the environmental initiative within Locum,“ says Michael.

„As we already use Aura Long Life fluorescent lamps in the building, we view the fact that Aura Light now has has compact fluorescent lamps in its range as a positive development. By replacing ordinary light bulbs with Aura Light’s Unique compact fluorescent lamps, we save both time and money while benefiting the environment,“ says Michael. „Karolinska Hospital is now a Long Life building!“