Q-park chose Aura Light Long Life because of the quality


Q-park in Sweden chose Aura Light Long Life primarily because it was so difficult to replace their fluorescent lamps. When a colleague tipped them about Long Life they tried it and were happy with the result.


Source – Q-park

Q-park is a full-service company in parking. The company takes care of everything from planning and service to leasing of parking spaces and maintenance of parking facilities etc.

Colleague tipped – satisfied with the results

Johnny Johansson at Q-Park tells why they have choosen Aura Long Life.

”We choose Aura Long Life primarily because it was so difficult to replace our fluorescent lamps. We also thought the quality of the standard fluorescent lamps was pretty uneven. A colleague tipped me off about the Long Life concept. We gave it a try and we were very happy. We save a lot of time on replacing the lamps when we use Long Life, and the quality of the fluorescent lamps is a lot more even.”

Stays with Aura Light as a supplier

”Aura Light is the first manufacturer of Long Life, and we were of course early users of the concept. There are naturally other suppliers that contact us, but we have a framework agreement in place and are happy with it. There is no reason for us to change supplier,” says Johnny.