Aura Light was an obvious choice for ProLogis Park in Jönköping


ProLogis Park in Jönköping, Sweden covers a total area of 85,000 m² and  Aura Light Long Life was an obvious choice for them. They have installed 3,500 Exaktor fittings with two T5 80W Aura Premium Long Lifes in each. 7,000 fluorescent lamps in total.




ProLogis in Jönköping, Swden, develops, owns and leases logistics facilities, is the world’s largest company in its field with activities on 136 markets across Europe, North America and Asia. In the Nordic market, ProLogis works with Logistic Contractor, which specializes in building modern, environmentally-sound and sustainable logistics facilities in a cost-effective way. Energy efficient solutions are a part of the concept shared by ProLogis and Logistic Contractor.

The new ProLogis Park facility in Jönköping covers a total of 85,000 m². The facility is being built by Logistic Contractor on behalf of ProLogis, and Emil Lundgren is responsible for the electrical installations. ProLogis Park is one of Sweden’s largest logistics facilities.

Aura Long Life – a simple choice

When choosing fluorescent lamps, the choice was simple: It would be Aura Long Life. The lengthy burn time means lower costs in the form of service and maintenance as you do not need to replace the lamps so often. The fact that Long Life light sources also mean less impact on the environment was also a contributory factor in choosing the light source.

Another measure aimed at safeguarding the environment is to use dynamic light control to save energy. Project Manager Conny Simonsson at Emil Lundgren explains that the system uses presence detection to check if anyone is in a certain part of the building, in which case the facility switches to full light.

„When a presence is no longer detected, the lights dim down to 5-10 % power, which saves energy and extends the service life of the light sources“, says Conny

Work with environmental awareness

The choice of supplier fell on the wholesaler Storel in Jönköping.

„This construction is the largest project we have had to date. We have delivered 3,500 Exaktor fittings with two T5 80W Aura Premium Long Lifes in each. This means an initial delivery of 7,000 fluorescent lamps“, says Dan Eng, salesman at Storel.

„We are environmentally certified and it is important that our suppliers work with environmental awareness. We have a long partnership and know that Aura Light is a supplier we can rely on“, says Dan Eng.