Vasakronan in Sweden is satisfied with Aura Light


Vasakronan which is one of Sweden’s largest real estate companies, is specialised in commercial properties and housing in attractive, central locations in Stockholm, Uppsala and Gothenburg. They have been using Aura Long Life fluorescent lamps and energy saving modules for seven years.


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Satisfactory results

The company has been using Aura Long Life fluorescent lamps and energy saving modules for seven years. The results have been so satisfactory that they now stipulate the use of these products for all new construction projects. Christer Svensson, Technical Manager at Vasakronan tells about his experiences with Aura Long Life:

”We have been implementing a program of maximum light reduction and achieved excellent results with respect to energy savings. But no-one has even reflected on the reduction in light intensity as it is hardly noticeable, Furthermore, we use Aura Long Life fluorescent lamps and carry out group replacement, which means we save a vast number of working hours as well.”

Effective action against motor vehicle crime

Aura Long Life are used in the parking houses in Nacka Strand, and the result is positive.

”Better lighting in parking facilities is an effective measure to counteract things like car break-ins.”

”If you decide to conserve more light and are satisfied with a 30 percent saving, the modules also work well in the average workplace. Aura Long Life fluorescent lamps burn at least three times longer than standard lamps. This means fewer blown lamps and less light reduction. That’s why they are perfect for combining with the energy saving modules. The bottom line is that you save half of your energy costs and avoid three of four replacement operations.”